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The Jewel

Bivouac ยป The Jewel

The Jewel_BVC_Shirt_470x420_Front_01
The Jewel_BVC_Shirt_470x420_Back_03
The Jewel_BVC_Shirt_470x420_Back_02
The Jewel_BVC_Shirt_470x420_Front_01The Jewel_BVC_Shirt_470x420_Back_03The Jewel_BVC_Shirt_470x420_Back_02

The Jewel


Men aren’t the only people who climb and more often then not, even when the men are climbing guess who has their back?! Introducing The Jewel! May we always remember that, whether on the sharp end or the supporting end, women play a significant role in the outdoor sport we all love!


Our Educators mention that this shirt runs a size smaller than normal!