Andrew O’Neal

Andrew discovered mountain biking a few years ago while trying to find activities to get involved in with his dog, Lily; this soon became his (and Lily’s) passion in life.Together, they have toured much of Southern California’s beautiful, year-round single tracks, which are home to some of the best mountain bikers in the world.  Andrew and Lily have grown as a team, having spent much quality time together, exploring these trails and learning the sport. They have also both been photographed in Mountain Bike Action Magazine.

When Andrew’s not riding a bike, he can be found riding a helicopter, as a Flight Paramedic for Mercy Air. He’s also prior military, where he served his country as a Navy Corpsman with the U.S. Marines.

What drew Andrew to mountain biking was the ability to get away from the hustle and bustle of the world and experience nature in one of it’s purest forms. Nothing brings more calm and insight to life than working every last muscle in your body to climb that last section of trail, and to find that it leads to a beautiful sunset overlooking the valley with a cool breeze against your face. In that moment, everything else in life can be forgotten, leaving just you, your bike, and nature all round. It’s one of the most beautiful things anyone can experience; and the reason why Andrew loves sharing his passion with everyone he meets. For him it’s not so much about how fast you can climb or speed down that trail; it’s more about introducing people to a simpler time, where they can experience nature and make new friendships without needing to connect to the rest of the world via computer or cellphone.

Since finding that connection with mountain biking, Andrew is usually found hitting the trails in Hulda Crooks Park in Loma Linda, California, one of the hidden gems in Southern California. It offers a little bit of everything from XC, Enduro, Downhill, and even BMX trails. If you like any type of biking there’s a good chance that Hulda Crooks Park will have what your looking for! So, if you ever want to hit up some trails or just geek out over mountain bike gear,  shoot him an email; I’m sure he and Lily would love to show you around!